At Servco, we know you want to purchase your pre-owned vehicle with peace of mind and from a dealership that will stand behind what they sell. That's why we offer Servco Pre-Owned Advantage with benefits that provide a comprehensive process for delivering accuracy, transparency and peace of mind for every pre-owned vehicle purchased.

Wide Selection
We offer a wide selection of pre-owned vehicles, making it easy to find the right vehicle for you.

Quality Assurance
Our pre-owned vehicles go through multi-point quality assurance inspection.

Servco Protection Plan
With 180 days of 24/7 roadside assistance¹, you can drive with peace of mind knowing you have an additional protection for your vehicle.

Full Tank
We provide a complimentary full tank of gas for every pre-owned vehicle purchased.

We provide a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report for each pre-owned vehicle so you can find out everything you should know about a previously owned vehicle before purchasing it.

5-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you change your mind about your purchase, we offer an exchange or money back program.²
Many of our vehicles come with a remaining factory warranty or a limited warranty so you can drive away worry-free.³

Servco Pre-Owned Advantage does not apply to used vehicles purchased for resale. Benefits are voided if original purchaser transfers ownership or sells to another party.

1 - Roadside Assistance is not valid on the Big Island or on commercial purchases.

2 - Our exchange or money back program allows you to return or exchange your purchased used vehicle from us provided that: 1) the vehicle is returned/exchanged to the dealership where the vehicle was purchased; 2) the vehicle is returned in the same condition (e.g. the automobile has not been in an accident and is free from modifications, new dents, scratches, tears, breaks, cracks, stains, or similar issues) as determined by the dealer in its reasonable discretion; and 3) the returned vehicle is free from any outside lien (or binding arrangements are in place with your lender to release all liens on the vehicle returned upon return or exchange). In addition, please note that if you exchange for a vehicle of greater value, then additional costs will be applicable. 

3 - To qualify for a limited warranty from Servco, the vehicle you purchase generally must meet the following requirements:
  • Be less than 5 years old as of January of the model year;
  • Have a purchase price of more than $1,500;
  • Have between 12,000 and 75,000 miles;
  • May not have been custom-built or modified; and
  • Never have been considered "inoperable" or a "total loss".
If applicable, then the warranty periods are as follows:
  • Vehicles with less than 25,000 miles have a 90-day or 5,000 mile warranty period;
  • Vehicles with 25,000 to 49,000 miles have a 60-day or 3,000 mile warranty period; and
  • Vehicles with 50,000 to 74,999 miles have a warranty period of 30-days or 1,000 miles.
Please note that this warranty does not cover all vehicles or all defects. Other restrictions may apply. For complete details, see a Servco Pre-Owned dealer or visit

See a Servco Pre-Owned dealer for complete details.

Why Buy a Pre-Owned Car from Servco Pre-Owned?

If you are looking for the premier place to shop for a pre-owned car, truck, or SUV all over the Waipahu, EWA Beach, Mililani, or Kaneohe areas, Servco Pre-Owned in Honolulu, HI is the perfect place to visit. Here we have made it our used car dealership's goal to offer drivers from all over the area the chance to get something that is ready to impress and easily fit their budget.

The Benefits of Shopping With Servco Pre-Owned

Drivers in Honolulu can take advantage of our used car dealership benefits like our Servco Protection Plan. This plan offers 180 days of roadside assistance so that you can have peace of mind on your commute.

We also provide CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports with each vehicle so that you can get the complete picture of your preferred vehicle's life before it came to our dealership.

One of the big reasons that more Maui and Kauai shoppers choose to shop here is that we are ready to offer a wide selection of different used models that can really impress. With a variety of different used Subaru, used Chevroletused Honda, used Lexus, and used Toyota models available on our used car dealership lots, you are surely going to have the opportunity to get something that stands out from the crowd and can do much more. With the chance to shop for a stunning model made much easier, our knowledgeable staff members will make sure you are able to get something that you will always treasure!

Another reason that drivers throughout the Aiea, Kailua, and Kaimuki areas will often find themselves at a Servco Pre-Owned used car dealership on Oahu is because of the transparent shopping experience that we offer. Our used car dealership transparency extends from price to service. Whether you are looking for a like-new daily driver or a second-option that can handle some rough roads, we want to make sure that any Honolulu driver is ready to get something otherworldly!

When it comes time to shop for a used car, truck, or SUV you will quickly see that there is surely an advantage to working with Servco Pre-Owned, formerly known as Servco Auto! Our long commitment to our customers, huge selection of different models, and transparent shopping experience, more drivers who visit will make sure that they can get something that is ready to do anything with ease.

See you soon!