Servco Pre-Owned is Ready to Buy Any Car

One of the most important parts about working with a used car dealership is being able to build a lasting relationship where you are able to feel right at home during any visit. Luckily, drivers in the Honolulu, HI area who want to have the most ideal experience with a used car dealership, come over to Servco Pre-Owned! Here we are not only the perfect place for you to shop for a used car, used SUV, or used truck, but we are ready to, more importantly, offer you the chance to sell or trade-in your current car, even if you are not ready to buy a car just yet!

Here at Servco Pre-Owned we are incredibly proud to be the place for drivers all over the Waipahu, EWA Beach, Mililani, or Kauai! What really makes our entire used car dealership so special is that we are ready to buy any car that drives onto our lot to make sure shoppers can get something that they will love.

Why sell to us?

We'll have one of our professionally trained appraisers appraise your vehicle in approximately 20 minutes. We use technology to see what vehicles just like yours are selling for in the area to ensure you get the most for yours. After you get a real offer for your vehicle, you'll leave with a check in hand.

Even if you have found yourself visiting our used car dealerships with no intention of buying a car, it is important to know that our used car Hawaii team can be prepared to offer you the chance to sell your car with ease.

How we give you more for your car?

Our appraisers average 15 years on the job experience. They are professionally trained to understand current vehicle values and appraised over 150,000 vehicles. Using state of the art software we are able to quickly determine maximum value for your vehicle. Our experience ensures we factor in all possibilities, giving you the most for your vehicle.

We are incredibly proud to offer you the chance to sell your car and are going to make sure that you are able to get what you want for your car.

How we determine your offer?

We will look at the inside and outside of your vehicle, checking all wearable items. We'll look at the packages, features and options that make up your vehicle. We will look at service and accident records. We will drive your car to check brakes, steering and other factors. Remember to bring your drivers license, your vehicle's title, all keys to your car, and your car manuals.

Sell Us Your Car, We Will Buy It Today

When drivers from all over the Kaneohe, Aiea, Maui, or Kailua areas make the drive over to Servco Pre-Owned and allow us to make any drive special. We want to make sure that you can not only shop for a car, but more importantly be the place to buy your current car and help you to trade-in the current car.

Visit us today and we will be sure to make your shopping experience is completely unique. See you soon!