FAQs About Financing

FAQs About Financing with Servco Pre-Owned

Whether you're from Honolulu, Maui, or Kauai, when it comes time to purchase a pre-owned car, you need to be thinking about financing. Finding the right financing option is often just as important as picking out the car itself.

At the Servco Pre-Owned finance center, we find a way to match your budget and credit score with an accommodating auto loan to accompany your used car. All Servco Pre-Owned finance professionals at our used Toyota, Subaru, Chevrolet, Honda, and Lexus dealership locations excel at finding the right used car loan for you.

Contact the Servco Pre-Owned finance center with a call or click to seek additional answers to other frequently asked questions about financing.

Financing FAQs

Why Is Financing A Good Option?

Financing a used car is a good option because it's affordable. Financing pertains to receiving a loan to pay off the car's balance in full. While that loan accrues interest, it's a convenient way to pay for your pre-owned car over time. Making monthly finance payments helps boost your credit score. It also helps Kauai customers build equity in their vehicle.

Financing is easier than saving up cash to purchase a vehicle and it's a long-term ownership plan that leasing doesn't provide. Financing works well for Waipahu car shoppers with high credit scores, as these often result in lower interest rates.

What If I Don't Have Good Credit?

Bad credit, don't sweat it! That's a motto we stand by at Servco Pre-Owned. We don't turn away our Hawaii customers who hold poor credit scores. Bad credit or no credit, we're here to help. The Servco Pre-Owned finance center works with customers of all credit scores.

We provide subprime auto financing that helps Kaneohe customers with poor credit. Our finance center will work to get you pre-approved for financing and offer tips on how to boost your credit score. Even with a subprime auto loan, Kailua customers can still build their credit score by making on-time monthly payments.

What Would My Monthly Payment Be Like?

When Ewa Beach shoppers are buying a used car, it's important for them to analyze their budget and decide how big of a monthly payment they can take on. The monthly payment for your used car purchase from Servco Pre-Owned is based on:

  • Your down payment amount
  • The full price of the pre-owned car
  • Your credit score
  • The interest rate you receive
  • Your desired loan term length
  • Your trade-in value (if applicable)
  • Any Servco Pre-Owned specials or incentives

Kaimuki families can enjoy lower monthly payments with a bigger down payment. This lowers the total financing amount, as less interest grows. A high trade-in value also lowers your monthly payment. Choose how long you want to finance the car for. Most Mililani motorists choose to finance their car for 48 to 60 months. If you choose a shorter loan term, your monthly payment will be higher, but less interest will accrue, meaning you'll pay less in the long run.

How Do Interest Rates Work?

Interest rates are a percentage proportion of a loan and dictate how much money Honolulu shoppers will pay beyond the principal amount. Low interest rates create more budget flexibility. Higher interest rates mean that your pre-owned car purchase will cost more to finance.

When Aiea customers receive their auto loan, they'll be able to see their interest rate. This rate will determine how much total interest accrues over the loan's duration.

Your interest rate is influenced by your credit score. Kauai customers who have credit scores in the Exceptional, Very Good, or Good brackets are likely to receive a used car loan with a low interest rate. Fair or Poor credit scores will still be able to qualify for special financing or subprime financing rates. Their interest rates will be slightly higher.

How Does Servco Pre-Owned Help Finance My Used Car Purchase?

Before buying a used car, we provide tools like our online finance application so Maui motorists can pre-qualify for an auto loan. Our savvy finance professionals will meet with you to discuss auto loan parameters - such as loan length, down payment amount, and more - that you can interchange.

They'll assess your credit score and find a used auto loan with the lowest interest rate you're eligible to receive. Servco Pre-Owned works with a network of financial institutions in Honolulu and on Kauai and Maui. This guarantees you the most affordable used car loans to help pay off your pre-owned vehicle from Servco Pre-Owned.


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